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32530RF19 POTENZA S007A Summer Ultra-High Performance Runflat Tire for Passenger Cars.

* Increases tire sensitivity and grip, especially during high speed driving * For flatter contact area while braking which shortens braking distance * Improves stability for instantaneous response * For better grip during braking on wet roads as well as uniform contact pressure to prolong tire life * Prolongs tire life and provides additional control on the road * For enhanced control, especially during cornering * Travel up to 50 miles at up to 50MPH after a pressure loss

* Kevlar Flipper and Hybrid Spiral * Rounded blocks * Stiffened center rib * Combination of optimized crown and multi-round block * 3D-M shaped sipes which reinforced block stiffness * Low angle sipes * Runflat

Tire Size
Section Width 325
Aspect Ratio 30
RIM 19
Shipping Length 26.70
Shipping Height 13.00
Shipping Width 13.00
Shipping Weight 37.00
Tire Details
40hc null
LoadingRange SL
SpeedRate Y
UTQG 240 A A
SideWall BSW
Amazon sku null
SKU 003467
Model 32530RF19 POTENZA S007A
MPN 003467

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