Recommended Tire Safety Checklist


The most important thing for the safety of you and your vehicles on the road is that tires of your vehicles should be in good condition. Tire is the part that cannot be ignored, as it is the essential part of the vehicle that is directly connected to the road, whether the road is flat or rocky, the working of the brakes is also determined by the condition of the tire.

  These following points are recommended in the “Tires Safety Checklist”-

Tread depth

Tread depth is very important in the care of the tire as it also helps in making grip on the road. If it goes too low, the tires start slipping, which is not good for your own safety. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper tread depth.

Correct air pressure

The air pressure in the tire should be correct, this saves both fuel and time. Air pressure depends on where you want the vehicle to go and with what load, because proper air pressure ensures to enhance your ride experience.

Wheel (Not be cracked)

For the tires to function properly, the wheels of your vehicle must also be correct, they should not have any kind of cracks, because it is very important from the point of view of safety, otherwise the wheel may brake suddenly which can cause an accident. Hence wheel maintenance is also an important point.

Lug nuts

Lug nuts should be checked at regular intervals, as if any of the nuts are loose, it can cause trouble while traveling. Lug nuts should be tightened regularly for point of view safety.

Sidewalls (Wear and tear)

The sidewalls of the tires should be in good condition, most likely they have cracked due to long use of the tire. If so, there are chances of air leakage from cracks, which is not good for a happy journey. So there is no wear and tear at all.

Tire loading

You need to have manual knowledge of lifting the load of your vehicles, because the life of the tires lasts only till the proper load is lifted.